The Spokane Eastside Reunion Association (SERA) feeds the Soul of Spokane through our neighborhood ministry—bringing restoration and opportunities to the Eastside Community.


SERA's four Essentials: Our ministry is guided by these four core values:

 Reflecting Christ’s Love

Feeding Souls

Sowing Hope

Transforming Community

Mission continued... Spokane Eastside Reunion Association is a collaborative effort that strives to restore and promote a revitalized sense of community in our city’s neighborhoods. Its organizers are grounded by their devote sense of faith and seek to further advance God’s mission in both word and in deed. Together we recognize the despair that riddles so many of our world’s people, most specifically those who are marginalized, and thus it is together that we join hands and labor for change. It is our hope that through our authentic optimism and sincere sense of purpose, we will be successful in inspiring our people in believing that there is always something worth celebrating.

Our Programs 

The Spokane Eastside Reunion Association (SERA) is committed to providing quality and accessible neighborhood programs and opportunities to our community. 

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Mentor/Tutor Program

Our Mentor/Tutor program operates from our newly  opened Tutoring and Recreation Center, Open daily for youth. We partner with Spokane area colleges to recruit qualified tutors. Our primary objectives are to build academic skills and resilience.


Summer Youth Basketball Camp

Our Basketball Camp serves disadvantaged youth ages 5 to 16 from all over Spokane. In 2016 the camp served 103 participants. Its primary objective is to inspire kids to live healthy and active lives and build resilience to ensure their success.

Fresh Soul

Fresh Soul will be a life skills and job training program that serves youth ages 14-18. We are wrapping up the renovation of a rundown building in the East Central  neighborhood that will house a vibrant soul food restaurant and double as a youth workforce development initiative. It is through job training experience at Fresh Soul, that East Side youth will gain the skills to change their trajectory from poverty to life-long career and educational opportunities. 

Our Sponsors